Charitable Shopping: Shop for a Worthy Cause

Cologne, June 5, 2021

Charitable Shopping

Shop for a Worthy Cause

Amazon Prime Day arrives on June 21 and 22. You will be able to simultaneously shop and support charities on Amazon. Even small purchases can make a difference.

AmazonSmile promotion on Prime Day

amazon Primeday

On June 21 and 22, AmazonSmile doubles donation rates on Prime members’ purchases that Amazon hands over to us/passes (down) to us.

Simply shop on or shop AmazonSmile on your app to find epic deals.

On June 21 and 22, customers can simultaneously shop and support charities. All Prime members who activate AmazonSmile in their Amazon app between now and the end of Prime Day (June 22, 2021 at 11:59 pm) will generate a donation of 5% on their first AmazonSmile order – ten times higher than the usual contribution. Furthermore, Amazon will be doubling all donations on other AmazonSmile-eligible purchases made by members over Prime Day from originally 0.5% to 1%. You will find further information here. is not different from the usual Amazon website. You will find the exact same Amazon experience, meaning the same products, same prices, and the same service provided.

Shopping for charity cannot entirely replace regular donations, it is more of a supplement. In order to fulfill our charitable and non-profit tasks, we strongly depend on your membership fees and donations. Therefore, we would like to thank you for your support in this matter.

Please make sure to shop responsibly and sustainably. Do not forget local businesses. There are various wonderful businesses in your city that need to be supported as well.

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