Clinical trial on neridronate in Germany

Aachen. CRPS/Sudeck’s disease was conducted by the pharmaceutical manufacturer Grünenthal, Aachen, to conduct a clinical study on the active ingredient neridronate. Neridronic acid) launched an aminobisphosphate. In various clinics in Germany, sufferers can take part in this clinical trial.

The studies will be conducted at sites in the US, Canada, Germany, France, the UK, Spain, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.

There are two placebo-controlled clinical trials that currently conduct and recruit patients. One also has clinical study centers in Germany where patients can be included in the study if they are eligible according to all inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Here’s the link clinical for this study:

The clinical study centers in Germany are:

  • Center for Clinical Research Dr. med. Medical. I. Schoel, Bad Homburg, tel: 06172/1710784
  • Clinical Research Berlin Mitte GmbH, Berlin, Tel: 030/206580-800
  • BAG anesthesia, pain therapy, palliative care, cottbus, tel: 03552/890785
  • Clinical Research Hamburg GmbH, Hamburg; Phone: 040/460763030
  • Clinical Research Hannover Mitte, Hanover, Tel: 0511/169765-0
  • Department and Department of Neurology University Medicine Mainz, Mainz, Tel: 0613iconfin0-2222
  • Clinical Research Schwerin GmbH, Schwerin, Tel: 0385/557740

Patients will need to contact the sites and potentially make an appointment to check suitability. Please note that an important criterion is that the CRPS duration from the onset of signs and symptoms is no more than 2 years. People with a longer CRPS duration cannot be considered.

Recruitment should continue until early 2020.

For inclusion in the clinical trial, there are various admission requirements named in the following document. There is also more information on the study. Contact can be made about this.

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