Survey for understanding of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) – task of Lorimer Moseley / Australia


At the Bergamo Summit, experts in the management and understanding of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) allocated one action item to me, Prof Lorimer Moseley. The task was to drive the development of a consumer resource that could be readily translated and accessible across Europe and indeed more widely. The project is now underway, driven by Emily, an extraordinary Physiotherapy honours student who already has an Honours degree in Psychology. I am Emily’s primary supervisor and the immediate research team also includes: Dr Carolyn Berryman, a highly experienced pain physiotherapist and established clinical researcher in our group; Dr Valeria Bellan, a clinical and experimental psychologist with high level expertise in bodily illusions and CRPS; Associate Professor Tasha Stanton, a physiotherapist and clinical neuroscientist with specific expertise in clinical trials and also bodily perception studies; and Candy McCabe, who you all know! They are all copied in and as you can see, this project is in great hands!In Bergamo you all opted in to be involved in this process. You can of course opt out again. I have attached the full protocol which will be finalised, lodged and locked on Open Science Framework prior to data collection.

CRPS patients:

Thanks a million indeed and also for your patience with us on this project!

Warm Regards, Lorimer Moseley

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