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Friday, May 21, 2021

Dear patients, family members, and readers interested,

Since the pandemic still has a strong impact on our daily lives and the self-help work also had little contact with those affected in the past months, together with our medical advisors we are offering a new information format as of June 2021:


On up to four days a month (probably one day a week), we will host an online videoconference where you will receive detailed information on the presented topic through presentations, technical demonstrations, questions and answers, and discussions.


In June, we will start with the new format focusing on “SCS Treatment for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome”. Here, we will provide you with the latest information on spinal cord stimulation used to reduce symptoms, pain, and medication. 

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The development of the so-called neurostimulators has been considerably advanced in recent years. Today, there are systems that can lead not only to a decrease of pain, but also to becoming entirely pain free. 

Our medical advisors, Dr. Georgios Matis, University Hospital Cologne, and Dr. Sebastian Strauß, University Hospital Greifswald, will guide through the meeting and answer all your questions concerning SCS.

Dates in June:

06/02/2021  –  06/16/2021  –  06/30/2021

Due to the holiday in June, we will only have three meetings.

Download our leaflet for June here: 

PDF-Dokument, 134 kB

PNG-Bild, 733 kB

No need to download or install an app to participate

Our meetings will be held via Jitsi Meet ( Jitsi Meet does not require any installation on your device or prior knowledge. You can attend the meeting via your browser on your computer (like Firefox, Chrome, Edge). Also, you need a microphone in order to communicate and, if desired, a camera for video transmission. Furthermore, there is a free app available for your smartphone and tablet. Its usage is self-explanatory, however, we can send you a short instruction in advance, if you wish.

We are looking forward to an active participation.

Register and obtain a link for registration

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Upcoming Topics

Further topics will be covered in the following months. We will inform you on these separately.

Is there a specific topic you want to be covered? Send your suggestions via e-mail to 

Plakat Themenmonat

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